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Yoga Classes in Cannock, Rugeley and Stafford

MyYoga runs yoga classes in Cannock, Rugeley and Stafford Yoga for Health, Satyananda inspired yoga.

Satyananda Inspired Yoga

These three classes are integrating the teachings of Satyananda yoga, integral yoga, for all levels, ages and abilities. Running in Cannock (Mon evenings), Rugeley (Thurs mornings) and Stafford (Thurs evenings)


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I run 5 specialised one day workshops during the year:

  • Emotional Wellbeing through Yoga
  • The Yoga of Inner Power
  • The Generative Creative Self
  • Yin and Yang Yoga
  • Feminine Power of Yoga: Healing the Wound

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Personalised Resources

This site is primarily dedicated to yoga students who attend these classes in Cannock and Stafford. Here you will find resources, in addition to those offered in class, to help you with your learning and practice of yoga. This includes:Yoga Cds

  • Videos
  • Podcasts/audio files
  • Posture notes
  • Guided meditations
  • Guided yoga nidras
  • Home practice plans

Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress is a leading cause of anxiety and depression and recently levels of stress have increased significantly. One in five of us will currently be suffering from the symptoms of stress: poor concentration, low motivation, tiredness and depression. In addition, one in four of us are likely to suffer from depression at some point during our lives.

Yoga can alleviate depression, anxiety and stress. Yoga for depression and anxiety offers practices (psychological and physical) that will help prevent or reduce stress. MyYoga specialises in yoga for depression and anxiety. Given the epidemic of depression and anxiety in the UK, the NHS cannot cope with the demand for therapies to treat people. MyYoga offers specialised yoga classes for depression, anxiety and stress.

About your teacher and course leader

Susan Tupling, Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher, NLPt Dip, MSc, BWY Dip


MyYoga specialises in combining psychotherapy with yoga. Susan Tupling is founder of MyYoga and has been practising yoga and meditation for over 25 years. She is a practicing psychotherapist, and has been teaching yoga and working one to one for over 9 years and is an accredited stress management practitioner (ISMA) as well as a qualified and experienced business and therapeutic coach. Her unique approach to yoga is inspired by her own experience of the power of yoga to change her life in a deep and transforming way.

Read Sue's full Therapist profile here.

Susan is skilled at leading mixed level 'inclusive' classes, and her teachings are flavoured with neuro-linguistic programming psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Susan's very popular classes aim to help you cultivate balance and harmony in your life, on and off the yoga mat, so that you feel you haven't just walked out from a yoga class but have had a therapy session too.

She is a Yoga Academy teacher (BWY Accredited School) and has trained with top international yoga teachers, including Simon Low, Tias Little, Julie Goodmasted. She is also a qualified teacher of Yoga Nidra (Satyananda School). Susan specialises in yoga for stress, depression and anxiety and has developed a unique approach to therapy using the concepts of yoga, find out more on the Embodied Living website.



"The session you provided was really worthwhile and made us all think about being in the right shape and state of mind to go about our days.  What really stuck out to me was how professional and dedicated you are to your work and totally believed in its power and that influenced us greatly.  We got much out of the session as a team, a shared experience and some real fun." Jon Hartland, Central Retail Director, J. Sainsburys plc


"We employ Sue to teach weekly yoga/stress management classes which she has tailored to suit our staff needs and our objectives, and I look forward to working with her in the future when we focus on mental health.” 
Kate Harrold, Health Strategy Officer, Stafford Borough Council Environmental & Health Services


"I have no hesitation in recommending the yoga class that Sue Tupling runs. I have been practising yoga at various venues for the last ten years, however I have recently started attending Sue's class and find it to be the best that I have come across. Sue's class teaches you to manage stress and health issues effectively, aswell as improving fitness.  She teaches in a very effective and structured manner." Kelly Tune


"I would like to say how much I enjoy the classes, and it has really benefited me – I feel as if I have more energy!" J Haworth




20th Oct 2014: Like us on Facebook - Embodied Living - to get ideas and inspiration for simple yoga living.

19th Oct 2014: New classes, yoga classes in Rugeley and Cannock are back in full swing. See 'class' for details.

30th May 2014: New Half day workshop in Cannock Wood Saturday 28th June. More details here ...

28th May 2014: New Term programme Satyananda yoga starts this week. New Yoga class in Rugeley at Cannock Wood Village hall. More here ...

9th March 2014: Yoga workshop in Cannock on Sun 6th April. A new workshop for 2014, using the Hero's Journey as a framework to explore the Inner Journey of yoga. More here..

12th January 2014: Cannock yoga Class restarts tomorrow, Mon 13th Jan. New Term programme Satyananda yoga!

11th January 2014: latest yoga newsletter here.

23rd August 2013: Cannock yoga class is back on Monday 9th Sept after the summer break. See class page for details.

21 April 2013: Cannock yoga class is back tomorrow night!!

25 Mar 2013: NOTICE: I have had to cancel the yoga class in Cannock tonight due to bad weather.

21 Jan 2013: NOTICE: I have had to cancel the yoga class in Cannock tonight due to bad weather.

22 Jan 2013: As part of karma/bhakti yoga I am going to donate proceeds from Cannock yoga class to charity. Giving selflessly is a big part of our development as humans in attaining higher levels of consciousness and freedom. Then, in attending class, you are giving something back too! Do you think this is a good idea? And do you know of any worthy local charity? If so, let me know.

20 Jan 2013: We have snow! But class is still on tomorrow in Cannock, as of yet. Keep checking this page to find out latest news.

19 Jan 2013: Watch a short class discussion to teach you to 'Live in the Now'.

08 Nov 2012: Stafford Yoga Class has moved to a new venue. The Arthur Findlay Centre on Friday nights, read more .....




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